We are a multi-channel marketing agency that focuses in shaping your brand based in data.

We call it “Monday”

Our business core has been technology, we dream about technology, we eat technology, and we write technology. We were building websites and doing search engine optimization even before it was cool to do so. We were doing business intelligence even before the term was invented. We were designing banners and doing animation before social media. Today they call that Digital Marketing. We call it “Monday”.


Our Marketing team has one goal. To turn your analytics and KPI into a powerful weapon to improve your ROI.

We use a lethal combination of technology and clean-modern design to support your marketing. We start by accurately tracing your customer’s journey to build out a solid plan to communicate and promote your business effectively. We do split tests and implement base on results.


Brand management is not creating a logo. It is the way how your brand feels, connect and it is received by your audience. We ensure that your brand had a coherent communication throughout all your channels.

We manage brands under any industry. Whether it is retail, restaurant, medical, lifestyle, consulting, technology, ecommerce, B2B or B2C. There is no limit to what our team can do.

We build successful social media campaigns, landing pages, shopping carts, supported by remarketing, SEO and SEM. We analyze shopping cart, forms and website abandonment. We simply track every single pixel on your site to ensure its performance and accurately make adjustments.


Our expert designers will apply a “360-branding” approach with visual concept development and brand shepherding across all media. We turn any visual presentation from ordinary to majestic, achieving the “WOW-Factor” that most companies are expecting in today’s market. Our expertise includes Animation, Video, Photography, Digital and Print.